"As an avid exerciser that does cycling ("spinning") classes, Pilates, Yoga and Aerobics with weight lifting, Dr. Dave is my "cure all" for all my muscle pain and tension. I also tend to suffer often from migraines and Dr. Dave provides me with full therapy to ease my pain! Dr. Dave is ambitious, fun and quite the chiropractor ."
Elaine Boulos

"When I first started going to Dr. Carnabuci I was prone to violent migraines and back pain for years and years, but since I started going to him my migraines have gotten less and less and my back feels awesome. I tried different meds and doctors but none of them helped as much as going to Dr. Dave on a regular basis. Dr. Dave has been a savior to me.
Jeffrey Walsh

“Dr. Dave has saved my physical well being! He is very friendly and accommodating. I couldn’t imagine anyone else taking care of my chiropractic needs.”
Cheryl Maynard

“Dr. Dave’s unique methodology has worked wonders for seniors like us.”
Pat and Dave Nicholson

"As a jazz pianist, sitting and repetitive hand movement can be a problem. Dr. Dave has been the answer for me. I will continue my weekly visits, and can't thank him enough for keeping me "swinging"! Thanks again Dr. Dave!
Tony Anzivino

“Dr. Dave using the activator method has helped my back immeasurably.”
Dave Robinson

“Dr. Carnabuci has enabled me to achieve a comfort level and increased range of motion that I have not been able to enjoy since my first year as a teacher.”
Michael O’Brien

“Thanks to Dr. Dave 2008 was the first year I did not miss any work due to back pain.”
Brian Carey

"With all the traveling I do and as active as I am, I wouldn't be able to continue to be mobile without my well needed precision chiropractic care that Dr. Dave Carnabuci provides to me. Thanks, Dr. Dave!"
Darryl Moody